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August 2022 Links

Thu Sep 1 2022

Github Repo of Random Computer Science Topics

This repo is a gold mine. Imagine a table of contents for the field of computer science. It has amazing tools, learning resources, notable academic papers, and much more; this list barely scratches the surface of all this repo offers.

OneZoom tree of life explorer

This website lets you explore millions of species in the world in a spiraling tree format. The tree shows everything from single-celled organisms to Orangutans.

Teach Yourself Computer Science

This website breaks down foundational subjects to learn as a Software Engineer and has suggested books and university classes for each topic.

The World Counts

Fascinating metrics about the earth from how much energy we use per year to how much the world's consumer spending is this year. The metrics also have accompanying explanations under each section of the website. Seeing how fast the planet's resources are being depleted was eye-opening. One of the more interesting ones is how many Earths we need to sustain the growing population, as of writing this, it's 1.8166990646.

From Coding Bootcamp Graduate to Building Distributed Databases

I just started working full time and a coworker sent this to me to read. It was written by a Staff Software Engineer where I work. This blog post has phenomenal career advice for anyone entering the industry. I want to read it again and again.